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We are a South Dakota nonprofit organization, currently awaiting approval of our 501(c)(3) Federal certification.

Our board consists of some (of the very few in the whole United States) who have first hand experience with successfully opposing permits for expansion and/or construction of irresponsible mining operations such as Powertech USA (now known as Azarga) in South Dakota and Cameco in Nebraska.

In this modern era, it is imperative that we solve and prevent environmental problems better than ever before - not just because we should but because we can. We know more, today, than ever about how to preserve the environment while allowing industry to extract the resources necessary to further our way of life. However, all too often, mining companies attempt to trivialize the most important science about the hazards involved with their practices - in order to increase their profit margins and reduce their liabilities.

Environmental Regulatory REFORM

It's time for Federal regulators to more accurately quantify pollution by considering more of the hazardous properties of different chemical forms of heavy metal industrial wastes - rather than so often only quantifying elemental metals. It's time for regulations to catch up with our modern capacity to meet our needs.

EXPERT Witness Testimony at Public Hearings

In order to hold dirty industries accountable and assess the real harms of any given mining project, it takes experts who are on a community's side. Foreign corporations pay big money to run roughshod over community interests and force their way into our backyards. In addition to providing expert witnesses, we also consult with local legal teams in order to give them the tools to fight back against attempts to confuse the public.

EDUCATING the Public

Mining companies who are looking to set up, or expand, an operation are well known to use disinformation tactics on unsuspecting communities to help ram their agenda through local and state governments.

However, by arming communities with real knowledge, we aim to bring people together behind serious science.

Our Team

Our team is actually as large as our support base, but here are 3 of the people who have really made this possible.

Dr. Hannan LaGarry

Expert Witness & Consultant


Infamous amongst mining companies, very highly recognized Dr. LaGarry has generously dedicated much of his time to providing rock solid consult and expert witness testimony to legal teams on the right side of environmental issues.

Linsey McLean

Expert Witness & Consultant

Environmental Biochemist

With decades of experience and uniquely applicable research (including 8 U.S. Patents in environmental biochemistry), our Biochemist has spent most of her life expanding our scientific knowledge about the true toxicology of mining and other industrial wastes.

Gardner Gray



Gardner has been a life-long dedicated defender of the public interest, a decorated U.S. Veteran, retired airline pilot, and a professional musician.

As outstanding as our team currently is, there are a few additional members and staff that we need to secure in order to complete our national team and ensure the same success across the country that we have achieved in our region. We are currently on the lookout for a great Executive Director and Hydrologist.

Have we approached you about working with us? Then you can be sure that we believe our organizational goals are congruent with your personal aspirations, and we aim to secure your professional time with proper compensation and the continued personal satisfaction that can only be achieved by making a difference that will last for generations to come. We firmly believe that people like you are integral to making the change we know is possible in the coming years. We also know that all too often, good qualified people are asked to donate a lot of their time to causes like the ones we undertake, but our goal is to build a financial structure that secures, values and truly honors the time of the experts behind our movement.


Here is how we got here - and where we are going.

  • 2008-2017

    We are Fighting Powertech/Azarga Uranium in Edgemont, South Dakota

    A multinational, totally foreign owned and poorly funded uranium mining company successfully neutered state regulatory authority before making it's attempt to install an ISL uranium mine in a geologically and hydrologically volatile part of South Dakota. Fortunately, with enough quality local opposition to the proposed mine and our expert testimony, it has been successfully put on indefinite hold.

  • 2015

    We Beat Cameco in Crawford, Nebraska

    Our legal team mounted forces for the Native community, and won the Cultural Contentions against the NRC and we won the environmental contention against the land application of hazardous radioactive toxic waste.


  • 2017: What we're doing now

    It’s back against Dewey Burdock again. This time against then EPA.

    ISL mining requires a number of permits from many agencies and state regulatory boards. Each has to be fought in a separate action.

    The EPA has just issued a draft permit for Dewey Burdock in Edgemont, SD, for Class 3 and Class 5 UIC injection wells. These will be for ISL uranium mining and for deep injection of hazardous radioactive waste disposal into one of our main drinking water aquifers, a horrific idea. Joining with other community organizations in opposition to this permit, we are preparing for hearings in 4 cities in the Black Hills in May 2017.

    Next in our sights: fighting 3 upcoming expansion permits for ISL uranium mining in new areas by Crow butte Resources in Crawford, Nebraska.


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We need contributions from people like you so that we can properly assess geological, hydrological, and ecosystem impacts, as well as legal parameters surrounding proposed mining projects. The only way to properly protect the basic rights of future generations is by respecting the science behind the most equitable use of land and water today.

Our approaches are effective, but they can't be implemented without enough support from good people looking out for the next generation.

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